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The band came together in their current lineup in 1994.

Based out of Charleston, SC they toured regionally, nationally and internationally releasing 4 studio albums (The Licorice Tea Demos - 1995, Magazine - 1998, Vertigo - 2001, Between the Dim & the Dark - 2004), 2 EPs (Buzz - 1997, Between the Glow & the Light - 2005) 1 compilation of early material (The Early Years, Volume 1 - 2001) and a live double-album of their final performances (Live at the Dock Street Theatre - 2006).

Over the years that I’ve been developing this piece, I’ve had the privilege of seeing these roles played by many different casts.

My good friend, the Lavender Menace, recently tipped me off to Top Gay’s list of the Top 50 Lesbian Songs. In an effort to make peace and not just complain that they got it all wrong, I’d like to add some of my own to the list (which you can all just copy and paste into their suggestion box, thank you). Bikini Kill — “Rebel Girl”The Veronicas — “Take Me On The Floor”Bratmobile — “Come Hither”The Ditty Bops — “Moon Over The Freeway”Le Tigre — “Hot Topic”Sleater-Kinney — “Ballad of a Ladyman”Tracy Chapman — “Give Me One Reason”Luscious Jackson — “Naked Eye”Gossip — “Fire Sign”I tried to be as all-inclusive as possible but I could literally go on and on, which is perhaps the problem with making a list like this in the first place. Hawkins‘ “Damn, Wish I Was Your Lover” is in first place.

While it seems like a work in progress (they are taking votes and also asking for other suggestions), the list they have to vote from is baffling to me. Here is the criteria for the songs I chose, and these are either/or/and criteria: The song must have lesbian connotations, a gay band member, be played non-stop at the lesbian bars I’ve frequented and tend to make everyone jump with joy, songs that my lesbian friends pick to sing at karaoke on a regular basis.

She has also released one live album, The Moment Always Vanishing (2009), on which she is double-billed with her percussionist, Alex Wong.

Teng's musical style incorporates folk, pop, classical piano, and a cappella.


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