True gay dating

If you’ve ever felt like you want to keep searching even though everything you thought you wanted is present in your boyfriend or partner, if you can’t help thinking “there’s someone better out there” or “there just isn’t a spark” then you’re playing the “What if?

I had never met a gay person before in my life, at least not that I knew of.Get to know him in the video below, and then meet the suitor’s who’ll be hoping to win his heart.The 26-year-old fashion publicist and designer has been single for a year and is ready to ditch the LA dating scene.I was only vaguely aware that other people like me existed.They say gay dating is hard work; I’m here to tell you it is. You need to develop the stomach for failure and disappointment, because there are many.It could mean they want to be friends with you or date you or fuck you. You just have to guess which outfit would work the best and pray that you’re right.


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