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This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with at least very basic PHP and HTML.

Note: You can make web forms quickly with Simfatic Forms.

This tutorial takes you step by step through web form processing using PHP.

You will learn how to collect input from a web form, validate and save it.

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If an error message is not specified, a default error message is displayed.Therefore, you also have to make sure that the values that users enter can be correctly converted to the appropriate data types.You might also have certain restrictions on the values.Parsley uses a specific DOM API which allows you to configure pretty much everything directly from your DOM, without writing a single javascript configuration line or custom function.Parsley's default DOM API is Parsley adds many classes and elements in the DOM when it validates.When you restrict the values that users can enter in forms, you reduce the chance that someone can enter a value that can compromise the security of your site.


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