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"However, how loudly you scream or how frequently you fight does not predict the outcome of your marriage." What qualifies as fighting fair in marriage essentially comes down to how each partner feels when they leave the ring.

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Critics say that the endorsement of “gender identity” by federal judges would also kill laws and civic practices which evolved to help the two equal and different sexes complement each other in a heterosexual society built on families and child rearing.Appreciate Your Loved One Resolve Conflict with Your Loved One Make Time for Your Loved One Community Q&A A new relationship is often exhilarating, intense, and fun, but how do you make a new relationship turn to love -- and last?Though it's not easy to make love last, the hard work you put in to the relationship will lead to a deep and meaningful connection that could last a lifetime.International and regional legal instruments have clarified the obligations of States to prevent, eradicate and punish violence against women and girls.The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) requires that countries party to the Convention take all appropriate steps to end violence.However, the continued prevalence of violence against women and girls demonstrates that this global pandemic of alarming proportions is yet to be tackled with all the necessary political commitment, action and resources.


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