Rowupdating vb

It will directly call the sorting handler of the child grid.

This article is very useful to all the users who are working with ASP. Here I am explaining how to work with Grid View control in ASP.The problem is developers can not understand how to populate or Bind data into Check Box List within the Grid View in Edit Mode. Now first Bind or Load the Grid View Control: C# Code: Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System. Load If Not Is Post Back Then Bind_Check Box List() End If End Sub Private Sub Bind_Check Box List() Dim dt As Data Table Dim SQL As String = "SELECT P. The another problem is after populating how to display or show current database value by default in Check Box List as a Selected Value in edit mode. Value the result of number Of Row is 3 but the result of x not [email protected] Kim From the appeareance of your data, the number Of Row value should want to use is two. (I chose the first column, since you are asking for it to return "3", but you can change the number after Cells to get whichever column you need. If you are looking for the value in the first cell in the selected column, you can try this. headers This helped me get close to what I needed and I will throw this out there for anyone else who needs it.


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