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That is, four receivers to one side, one receiver to the other (Flacco is the only player in the backfield).They love this in the far red zone (15- to 20-yard-line area) but could do it all over the field more often in 2017.The quarterback's buddy had an idea for meeting girls.He made a shirt that read "I'm Joe Flacco" across the chest and wore it for a night out on the University of Delaware campus.However, a quick look at the numbers will actually show you that conventional wisdom is wrong.Since 2008, it is Joe Flacco who has been the better quarterback of the two in postseason play - and it isn't even close." asked his father, Steve, fielding questions from Baltimore reporters last weekend as he watched his son's face pop up on television screens in the background.

He might be the most-talked-about person in Baltimore this week.Joe Flacco, while he may have his struggles during the regular season, is a great quarterback when the bright lights shine and the games really count. We will find out if Flacco can continue his postseason success and add another road win to his NFL record this weekend or whether it will be Brady who gets the win.Related links Aaron Rodgers says the Green Bay Packers are 'hungrier'Dan Quinn wants Kyle Shanahan to help make the Jets not suck in 2015Baseball Hall of Fame: Who gets the nod in 2016?There were simply too many incomplete passes, unrecognized open receivers and inexcusable interceptions in 2016. The question is whether the Ravens should even want to be a quick-strike passing offense.They’re at their best when the running game is their top focus. Maclin is polished but, in and of himself, not a significant difference-maker.Danny Woodhead is here as a passing-down weapon (he can align anywhere as a receiver, plus he’s great on checkdowns), but he is also capable of running out of three-receiver sets, which fits Baltimore’s zone ground game. Assuming Flacco plays better, the receiving corps will make or break this offense. How Maclin and Perriman perform will dictate how Mike Wallace performs.


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