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One year later, Will is still alone and trying to put his life back together.He finds unexpected challenges when his talented student Kat (Jessica Williams) tries to set Will up with her accomplished mother Diane (Regina Hall).Will Henry (Jemaine Clement) is woe-befallen graphic novelist cum professor whose partner leaves him for an off-Broadway monologuist, a career that out-Brooklyn’s Clement’s own.He struggles to cope, co-parent his adorable twins, and ease himself back into dating.Regina Hall and Jemaine Clement are against a stark white backdrop.Hall wewars a blue sleeveless dress and smiles and looks up and to the left at Jemaine.We've written some notes for some different film ideas."We're not down to the stage where we're going, 'The film is going to be like this,' it could be this, this, this, this, this," he added.originally started out as a live act, but then became a radio show before making the leap to TV for two seasons on American cable network HBO.

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At his adorable twin girls’ fifth birthday party, Will’s life is turned upside down when he walks in on the mother of his children and longtime girlfriend, Charlie (Stephanie Allynne), with their friend Gary (Michael Chernus).

When one of his talented students sets him up with her mother (Regina Hall), Will's life, and his art, begins to take shape once again.

"A showcase for Jemaine Clement's winning leading man abilities.

Will Henry (Clement), a graphic novelist and art teacher, finds his life turned upside down when, during his adorable twin girls' fifth birthday party, he walks in on the mother of his children in bed with another man.

One year later, Will is living in a small apartment in Queens and navigating the unknown landscapes of single fatherhood and dating in New York City.


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