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Taub démissionne et retourne en chirurgie esthétique.Foreman demande à Chase et Cameron de revenir dans l'équipe pour le seconder, avant de voir House revenir, reformant ainsi l'équipe des premières saisons.

This is all supposed to be tense and exciting, but it never comes to pass.This is a story of a teenage boy who just wants to buy a rad car to impress the ladies.His dad is working on something scientific and has little time for his family.Meanwhile, Jason, the straight director who likes to film gay guys to impress the straight chicks, starts falling for Lilly (Harmony Santana, Sundance film festival’s Gun Hill Road), the transgendered girl.And Aunt Helen (Mink Stole) has tapped into her inner Couger and takes on a new boy toy, Andy.However, not wanting to interfere with Zack’s current relationship, Benji pretends to be straight.


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