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Treffen Sie neue Person und formen Sie neue Beziehungen jeden Tag. Wir garantieren Qualität Verglichen zu anderen Seiten bietet Thai Flirting den Vorteil, dass wir uns in Thailand befinden.Dear developers, What you have made is an amazing app and I love to text on it when I'm not banned, but there are a lot of major problems with this app.Yes, your moderators may not view your images personally but when I send a picture of my lunch to someone and get sent to prison for an INAPPROPRIATE image that violated the terms and services, (which I read fully) and I had to pay the cost of it. Moreover, you can ask questions online anonymously on any topic and receive answers from the experienced community. I tried looking into repealing my "punishment" for "being annoying, offending, or perverted," but it seems once you're banned, there is nothing you can do but wait for your time to finish. Text with the ones you like and block the ones you don't. I have been using this app for almost a year, and at first, it was a great app. My most recent bans were caused by saying "Food is overrated." and "The mods are ban happy." Surprise, surprise, it was an automated ban that ended up kicking (a word we aren't allowed to say) me out of the app for 21 hours.Common rules for all anonymous chat rooms: - All the secrets you share in Anti Chat, must stay in Anti Chat- Teens aged less than 17 are not allowed to download and use this app- All international and private chats must remain free of trolling, bullying and agitating. As I read through the reviews, some of the legitimate issues I've had with the app have been labeled as spam, and were reported as such.


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