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It was released as a Mopar accessory for Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles in November 2002. and parts of Canada, and features turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts. The screen can be switched between "NAV" mode and "Radio/clock" mode.

The unit features a 4.1 inch (actual size) navigation screen and is DVD based. Also featured is a single slot CD player with CD changer controls. The RB1 Navigation Radio is designed for selected 2002 and later model Chrysler vehicles, but will also fit some earlier models including all WJ's. The RB1 uses a proprietary disc format and will not play DVD movies.

It is a Windows application or software that supports all types on media including HD, DVD, CD, Hard Drives, USB Flash drives, Jaz drives and floppies.

If the data is lost from a trashed CD, DVD or even the new Blu Ray Disc, Iso Buster will help recover the deleted files from Hard Drive, Flash media, memory card and more.

The users can save their important documents with this application.

Iso Buster claims to be the ultimate data recovery software.

PDC Healthcare is the result of the merger of two industry leaders and pioneers in Healthcare: Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) and The St. PDC Healthcare has been a trusted partner to healthcare organizations for over 55 years, providing superior identification solutions for the safe and efficient management of patients.

While our company has rebranded and revamped our visual identity, our founding principles of superior service, quality, and innovation remain stronger than ever!

For use in secure restricted areas, some of the multimedia features like the video camera, BT & Wi-Fi can be optioned out at order.

Our Power Go XT is fully supported by Microsoft Windows 7 & 10 and can install two 2.5 SSD HDD and up two M.2 SATA/PCIE interface Gen3 x4 cards with RAID option for maximum speed.


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