Did brenda song dating dylan sprouse

In regards to recent rumors, Dylan has said he finds Brenda Song absolutely gorgeous, and any guy would be lucky to have someone like her.

Dylan will be attending NYU in the fall of 2010, with his brother Cole.

He and Cole were accepted to New York University in 2010 and began attending the university in 2011.

He is 15 minutes older than Cole, born to Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright.

Dylan serves as a taste-tester whenever Cole bakes. Sometimes when Dylan is thinking of a song all day, Cole will pick up on a lyric and start singing it.

Dylan prefers XBOX than Playstation Dylan prefers rock to R&B. When Dylan and Cole were younger, Dylan told Cole to try lying on his stomach after he had done it while on a swing in their backyard.

When Carrie starts dating a 'New man' Cody calls his father to stop them from dating. London joins Maddie's volleyball team and in order for her to play well, Maddie must take drastic measures.

Ashley and Dylan posed for a pic she posted to Instagram, with her arm slung around his neck and Dylan holding her hand while Ashley's other hand was flashing a peace sign. While the specifics of their reunion are unknown, Ashley captioned the pic: "Last night hangs with @dylansprouse." Dylan reposted it with no further explanation either. Earlier this summer, Ashley, Dylan and Cole Sprouse hung out together, but we'd love to see more of the cast reuniting.

Then again, we're not sure we could handle all the emotions.

According to recent speculations they've been seen together a lot lately and they are 'seeing each other in a new light' as Dylan says.

The brothers then went on to star in the Disney sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody from 2005 to 2008.

When the twins were eight months old, they had their acting debuts, appearing in a commercial for diapers.


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