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Located in the Samoeng district of Thailand’s Chiengmai Province, Ban Mae Toh School currently provides education for 300 students, aged between 6 and 14 years old, comprising children from poor families, orphans as well as abandoned kids.Dana Citta Buddhist Society, together with the estate of the late Sis Pearl Goh, sponsored the repair works for the dining area by laying tiles on the floor and reinforcing the roofs, thereby providing the students with a safer and a more conducive environment.I don’t know of a single academic in the last 150 years who has argued otherwise.The basic historical background is given in Wikipedia.This makes it one of the earliest Mahayana Sutras (and it is even argued that the earliest form of the sutra may not have even been Mahayana).So there is no doubt that the Lotus Suta and other Mahayana sutras are historically late, dating from many centuries after the Buddha.

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Funds raised from well-wishers and supporters are offered to the monastic community for their daily expenses, food, clothing and medication.Regardless of whether you consider yourself a Buddhist, a Christian, an atheist or whatnot, I believe it’s a valuable point to reflect on.In this lifetime with all our remarkable human faculties, we have the chance to learn, and to navigate our way through challenges and obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable but may also end up showing us the depths of our own strength.I created the poster of the Karaniya Metta Sutta you see above using one of my own photographs for this very purpose in my life.When we sit to meditate, we can read the text and reflect on the words as we focus on our breathing, and we can aspire to the sentiments for ourselves, our loved ones, those with whom we have or have had conflict, and lastly for all beings everywhere, in every status of existence.With Mother’s Day upon us, I want to take a moment to honour what being a mother means. But no matter the mother we’ve known, according to my Buddhist training we all owe them a great debt for bringing us into the world, for this life is a precious gift.


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