Dating for idiots

Have you ever seen a television advert supposed to represent a “bog-standard household”, which does not feature a mum who is competent and organised (possibly clutching a pencil, looking thoughtful, and then writing something down on a list) and a bumbling halfwit dad who looks game but has the skill-set and sheepish dependency of a puppy which hasn’t learned to control its bladder.

“TV ad mum” shoulders both the burden of bringing up her children and supporting a man who contributes zero – no housework, no childcare.

I’ve also taken screenshots of the entire post because as we’ve seen in the past, Ree may delete the entire thing soon. My comments are in colored, italic text and the rest is all Ree.

I was going to put the link in the previous post about the Drummond’s treatment of their horses but you’ll see why this made it to a post in itself.

Incidences of sweet-talking for social climbing are apparent, and even if you’re both sincere – expect to be accused of trophy hunting (or being trophy hunted) by some sour old women.fully replaced The Trisha Goddard Show in September, and since then the show has been the sole occupant of ITV's weekday am slot.During the launch week of the programme, the show was overshadowed by news coverage of the London tube bombings.“Tv ad dad”, meanwhile, can barely be trusted to look after the remote control.He is too busy drinking brightly coloured alco-yuk to help at home; if by some miracle he tries, he will screw things up so comprehensively that, for comic effect, he will be shown trailing a poo-filled nappy around stuck to his shoe.It’s a lot of talk, though, and there is sincerity and honesty behind the bravado.


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