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To maintain her long locks, she uses a hair pack made of yogurt, honey and egg white.

Hair dryers and artificial hair products are a big no-no for her.

This site offers a classy and chic online lesbian dating venue for mature and younger lesbian women, where the taboo of age-gap romance does not exist.

So, here is her beauty and fitness mantra for you: Apart from regular cleansing, toning, moisturising and removing makeup before dozing off, she relies on spa treatments and aromatherapy for a supple skin.After all the countless serums, peels, masks, creams, and lasers we’ve undergone, was the answer to a firmer, tighter visage simply the same as the answer to a firmer, tighter butt? Was there a face-exercise gym we could visit in the nearby vicinity? Desperate for answers and feeling the hysteria setting in, we consulted with three experts in the skin-care industry to weigh in on facial exercise — what it is, how to do it, the benefits, the doubts, and everything in between. Join our exclusive community and be part of this new lesbian dating phenomenon where fantasy can become reality.I devoted all of the past year to crafting, documenting, and living a new story about age.Bollywood actresses are always under the scanner for their fashion, style and looks.


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